About Us

I have always been interested in using healthy, natural beauty products, long before it was popular. And I have been a globally celebrated inspirational author, speaker, and teacher since 2004, when I published my first newsletter and website.

I created resources for my audiences to live joyful, successful, fulfilled lives, to help  them overcome energy trauma, rise above life challenges, and to be empowered to create transformation. With thousands of testimonials and more than 5 million weekly newsletter readers, I have had the honor of reaching millions of people around the world in more than 20 years of sharing these messages.

The products I offer here are curated from my writings and my own life experiences. I am familiar with being in the depths of despair and having to rise above impossible circumstances. My story began early, when I was paralyzed by a vaccine at 5 years old and spent 2 years as a full quadriplegic, then 2 years as a paraplegic. I finally learned to move and walk again when I was 11 years old after having to wear leg braces and walk with crutches for 3 years.

I want you to live an inspired life - to create your own wellspring of 'rich, happy, and successful living', to live in joy and to find the empowerment to create transformation from your trauma. 

My beauty products are created from my own recipes and I have used them for over 15 years in my own beauty regimen. It was not until my readers and viewers of my videos began to ask me what I used on my skin because it 'glowed' and was so 'radiant'. It had not occurred to me to sell these products that have been the source of my own blemish and wrinkle free skin that, even in my mid 60s, makes people think I am decades younger. 

I named my beauty products Peau D'Ange because they can give you radiant, glowing skin that is as soft as we can imagine an angel's would be. And they are the only beauty products whose essential oils were selected for their therapeutic benefits as well as their level of energetic vibration.

These products are here for you to be inspired, empowered, and to create your own wellspring of confidence, clarity, and enhance your natural beauty while supporting your inner radiance.

Many bright blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman
Master Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, 8x best selling author
Your Guide to High Vibes Living(TM)